« a dream come true »

The 917 ATR is a major step in the « After The Race » story.
This artisanal, handmade design is the culmination of research, development and production work that spans 4 years and 4,000 hours of work.
This hand-crafted design has then, through various techniques, been captured enabling us to produce this limited edition series.
The series is limited to 12 pieces, each individually built so no two will ever be the same.
This series is aimed decerning owners seeking the ultimate craftsmanship and art experience.
Standout and very exclusive, 917 ATR is a pinnacle of automotive art.
Although sharing the same body, every 917 ATR is one of a kind.

« When I started « After the Race » I used Porsche 911 type G hoods
and I reproduced liveries from my favorite racing car, the Porsche 917.
My dream was of course to one day achieve a work of art inspired by this legendary racing car.
A few years later, my dream has come true! »

Jean-Denis « JD » Claessens